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Flourishing Qi Veterinary Consultations

We want our furry family members to have long, comfortable and happy lives.  Book a consultation for your pet to benefit from herbal medicine, rehabilitation, and/or acupuncture.  We also offer educational opportunities for veterinarians to expand their awareness of available integrated services and how to effectively access them for their patients. 


Flourishing Qi in person

One on one appointments for patients with veterinary referrals for nutrition, acupuncture, rehabilitation etc. The comfortable, home environment is  perfect for relaxing and enjoying all our treatments. *For the duration of the COVID pandemic we will have a mask policy in the clinic.

FlourishingQi from a distance 

Do you live in a community with no access to integrative holistic care?  Flourishing Qi accepts referrals from your veterinarian to provide advice on how support your pet with herbs, supplements and/or whole food nutrition tailored to the medical situation you face. 

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