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At Flourishing Qi, we want your beloved pet to have a pleasant healing experience as we work through plans to restore and support health.  Our modalities are excellent for physical problems like lameness  or post surgical pain AND we can also provide effective treatments for many internal medicine problems like chronic kidney disease, cancer or auto immune problems. 

Acupuncture close up


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific areas of the body to achieve a physiologic effect.  Well known for being an important pain control modality, acupuncture can also positively affect internal organs and is an excellent supportive therapy for patients with kidney and liver disease as well as for arthritic or neurologically compromised patients. 

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are rich in plant phytochemicals that have pharmacologic effects in mammals.  Chinese herbal medicines are elegantly formulated to use combinations of plants and minerals to achieve synergy of action and to prevent or reduce side effects. We use formulas from Natural Path, Jing Tang and Golden Flower.

Puppy Play


Animal Rehabilitation involves using a variety of techniques: therapeutic exercises, stretching, massage, LASER etc to improve mobility and strength. Patients that benefit may have problems like biceps tendonitis, or be post surgical patients needing to rebuild muscles or retrain neurologic function. 

Fillet Salmon with Asparagus

Whole Food Nutrition

Whole food nutrition is a major building block to well being. We support home prepared cooked and raw diets, encouraging safe and balanced feeding programs.  We offer diet analysis and formulation.

Our recipes can also be modified to support Chinese Medicine Food Therapy.

Caressing a Cat


Bowtech îs a wonderful treatment modality that uses specific tension and release of specific muscle and tendons to set up connective tissue vibrations. The seemingly small movements create profound relaxation and healing.

Dog and Its Owner

Holistic Consultations for Pet Parents and Veterinarians

Questions about vaccination protocols, how to whole food feed your puppy or kitten or other general well being considerations? We can help you make informed choices for ongoing optimal health.   We also offer vet to vet consultations on specific cases and topics of interest in the holistic medicine community. 

Broader Options for Pet Health and Well-being

Contact us by phone, chat or email to find out if your pets issues would benefit from our approach.

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