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Meet Our Veterinarian

Dr. Jennifer Bishop is a long time integrated veterinary medicine practitioner in Nova Scotia.  She ran her own full service practice in Dartmouth for more than 15 years and is now located in the Wolfville area offering specific modalities and consultations by referral


Dr. Jennifer Bishop

BA, MA, DvM, CCRT, Advanced Certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Bishop is a licensed veterinarian in Nova Scotia, Canada, certified in veterinary acupuncture, Chinese veterinary herbal medicine and animal rehabilitation. Dr. Bishop has also studied Bowtech ® for humans and applies these principles to  animal patients. Years of working with patients eating whole food diets has given Dr. Bishop wide knowledge and interest in raw and cooked food feeding for pets.  Dr. Bishop has also explored a variety of general interest topics including the use of CBD therapy in animals, options for neutering and effective risk and benefit driven vaccination programs.


Nahleen Ashton


Nahleen is well known in our community as founder of Misfit Manor dog rescue Nahleen provides much needed reception support for Flourishing Qi.  



Hi I'm Goliath and I'm 19 years old. My job is to run the household


Caddy and Hunter

I'm the beagle, Caddy and I love Hunter who moved in with us in 2022. We do our best to test out the furniture in the office as often as required



I'm  trying to convince everyone that I should be allowed to greet all the new patients. So far no luck so I peer under the door or watch through the window .

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